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  • Green Parenting Without The Guilt

    When recently reading a great article in the Sunday Times by a fab writer Jen Gale (@sustainableish), it really made me reflect on taking it all back to basics.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all the eco options on the market and what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be doing to raise our children in a more eco-conscious way, when Jen reminded us it’s always ok to keep repeating the basic concepts.  Babies are always being born, parents are choosing every day to take a more environmental approach to lives and more and more people have become connected and drawn to nature over the last year than society has done for a long time, making us ever more aware of the importance mankind has on looking after our environment.
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    Recent months have been some of the strangest, hardest, most confusing and stressful times of our lives as a global community. Now, more than ever,...
  • World Book Week: Our favourite eco books for young children

    At Green Monkeys, we are passionate about reading to our children and gently talking to them about how to positively care for their world.  With World Book Week being upon us, what better time to share with you our favourite eco books for young children.  Hopefully these books will inspire your little one to join the voices of our youth who are changing the world not just through climate marches and campaigning but very importantly, through their own lifestyle changes.  
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    公司正在加紧努力,生产既环保又有趣的玩具。在Green Monkeys,我们对市场的这一角落进行了广泛的研究,并列出了以下18个月至5岁以下的前五种环保,无毒,符合道德规范的玩具
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