Green Monkeys is delivering as normal with Covid safe procedures in place. Thank you to all our customers for your support.

Our Values

The aim of Green Monkeys is to source health focused, ethical and eco-friendly products for babies and young children, and to make them available in one place for busy, conscientious parents.

As parents to young children and babies ourselves, we have spent a lot of time looking into the best options for their well-being and the benefit of the world they will inherit from us. We know that parents are time-poor and that identifying healthier, more sustainable products for their children is often a minefield.  We wanted to create an on-line community in which we could share our findings as well as learn from others.  This vision led us to start Green Monkeys. 

At Green Monkeys: 

  • We keep up-to-date with emerging technology and innovation in the world of healthy, ethical and eco-friendly products for babies and young children.
  • We continually research the newest healthy, ethical and eco-friendly products to meet our developing customer needs.
  • We understand that, as a business, the products we promote will hopefully have a long-term benefit on individuals and society.
  • We support and empower customers to make conscientious purchases.
  • We encourage customers to embrace the changing nature of purchasing, the evolving delivery of products and services that serve society and drive a transparent, inclusive and productive purchasing chain.

Ultimately, we aim to provide our customers with the knowledge to move from a ‘do less harm’ approach to one where they are a genuine force for positive change in their approach to buying for their babies and children. Our aim is to offer  competitive prices as well as a supportive community where the newest information around healthy, ethical and eco-friendly products is shared and discussed between our customers and ourselves.  With this vision, we look forward to developing the Green Monkeys community and to creating a better future for our children together.