• How acupressure and acupuncture can help us in times of stress and anxiety

    Recent months have been some of the strangest, hardest, most confusing and stressful times of our lives as a global community. Now, more than ever,...
  • World Book Week: Our favourite eco books for young children

    At Green Monkeys, we are passionate about reading to our children and gently talking to them about how to positively care for their world.  With World Book Week being upon us, what better time to share with you our favourite eco books for young children.  Hopefully these books will inspire your little one to join the voices of our youth who are changing the world not just through climate marches and campaigning but very importantly, through their own lifestyle changes.  
  • The concerns with chemical sun creams for kids

    As a Mum of two young kids, my first instinct when the sun comes out is to grab the sun cream.  Our family’s summer mantra is “Sun cream means sun and fun”, usually said with gritted teeth as we attempt to cover squirming bodies to cries of “NOT IN MY EYES!”  But how safe are these products that we slather on our children every day of the summer months?  The short answer is: it depends which type of sun cream you use. 
  • The hidden toxins in your child’s bathroom – five changes to make today

    I always remember the first time I opened a bath mat for my baby and was almost bowled over by the stench of PVC. I now know that PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is one of the most toxic plastics around and is linked to childhood allergies, problems with reproductive development and many different types of cancer. Yet PVC bath mats are sold on every high street, meaning children are routinely sat on them in their baths each night.
  • Nappies – to re-use or to dispose? That is the question!

    From the early days after our first baby was born, my husband was really keen for us to go down the re-useable nappy route, but the thought of it absolutely terrified me.