Seven top toys for young kids (18 months – 5 years) this Christmas, for parents who don’t want a house full of plastic!

Avoiding plastic toys in a house inhabited by a small person has, in the past, seemed almost impossible.  Whilst we meticulously recycle their baked bean tins, nod approvingly when cafés offer them paper straws and buy organic food for their tea, we simultaneously look around our homes with a mixture of horror and resignation at the mountain of plastic toys filling every crevice of every room.  

Yet there is another way.  And it does not mean that children lose out.  Companies are stepping up to the mark and producing toys which are both eco-friendly and great fun.  At Green Monkeys, we have researched this corner of the market extensively and have listed our top five eco-friendly, non-toxic, ethically made toys for 18 month to 5 year olds below.

Interested in toys for babies up to 18 months?  See our recent blog covering our top non-plastic toys for this younger age group:


  1. Kid’s Concept Cash Register

Your mini shop keeper will be over the moon with this beautiful wooden cash register from luxury Swedish toy brand, Kids Concept.  Kids Concept places durability and sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and their aim is to leave as little an environmental footprint as possible during production.  These timeless toys will be loved by both your little ones now and by future generations of your family.   


  1. Grimm’s 6 Piece Rainbow



If there is only one stacking toy you could ever have, our view is that this is it.  It is made from one solid piece of limewood and is naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based stain so you can see the beautiful grain of the wood underneath.  This open-ended toy is inspired by the Waldorf Steiner school of thought which advocates the use of open ended (rather than prescriptive) toys to spark children’s imagination during play.  This rainbow can, indeed, be used in a myriad of ways, from stacking the pieces together to using them as tunnels for cars.  This is a toy which entertains one year olds and seven year olds in equal but different ways.  And it will look beautiful displayed in your living room when your kids have grown up, ready to be passed on to the next generation. It also comes in a 12 piece set too.


  1. Hevea Alfie Rubberduck



Alfie is a gorgeous duck bath toy made from 100% natural rubber tapped from the Hevea tree, instead of the usual plastic.  Unlike most bath toys, there is no hole at the bottom meaning that harmful mould and dirt cannot build up on the inside of the toy.  Your little one will love playing with the duck in their bath whilst you can relax in the knowledge that it is completely safe as well as sustainably produced.  Get ready for some good clean fun!   


  1. Kids Concept Dolls Pram Star

This exquisite handmade wooden toy pram from luxury Swedish toy brand, Kids Concept, will be one of your little one’s most treasured possessions and a timeless addition to their toy collection.  Cut in a traditional style, with a beautiful star on each side, this is truly a toy which will be passed down the generations. 


  1. Christmas boxed kit of biodegradable glitter

It’s easy to forget that even craft staples like glitter can have a significant environmental impact.  This boxed Christmas kit of cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter is an essential stocking filter.  Sparkles at Christmas CAN be guilt free!


  1. Wobbel Board

Once you discover the Wobbel Board, you will wonder how your kids ever played without it.  Whilst adults initially see it as purely a fitness device (which it can be), children instinctively see hundreds of possibilities for imaginative play.  It can be a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a rocking chair, a small football goal.  This clever toy promotes balance and creativity, and can be enjoyed in different ways by both babies and adults alike. To quote its creator: “The Wobbel is the inspiring opposite in times of screens and pre-programmed toys.  The Wobbel tempts mind, body and soul”.  Check out the online reviews from parents - they speak for themselves. 


  1. Kids Concept Ice Cream Rack

This wooden ice cream rack by luxury toy brand, Kids Concept, looks so good that our mouths are watering already!  Your little one will love selling you the different flavours of ice cream, despite the weather being rather chilly at the moment.  The set is made entirely of wood with water-based paint, meaning that it is both sustainable and safe for your child.