7 Top Toys for Babies this Christmas, for parents who don’t want a home full of plastic!

In our house, we’ve been thinking long and hard about what to get our just one year old for Christmas. Will he even know what all the fuss is about? Would he be just as happy with a cardboard box that the present comes in?! Who knows….the answer is he’ll most likely love a cardboard box, he’ll think the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree are the best thing in the world, and he’ll be more concerned with getting his hands on a mince pie. However all his Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents are asking the inevitable ‘What can we get him for Christmas? We would love some ideas!’

To be honest, in the spirit of not shopping to excess, we’ve thought about what he would actually like to play with, what would benefit his development, not break the bank for well-meaning Aunties, whilst being kind to the environment.

Here’s our list of the top 7 items for babies up to around 18 months, hopefully this will help give you some inspiration too:

1. Tobar Wooden Stacking Robots Game

These little wooden robots might not look like much, but they provide hours of entertainment. Building up and knocking over again and again, and they can be constructed in many ways and shapes too. The unusual shape and fun colours, make them an attractive, yet simple toy for any baby.

2. Hape Roller Derby 

Little ones seem to love the repetitive cause and effect motion of this game, watching the balls roll and fall again and again. This has been a firm favourite in our house.
The toy consists of a two-sided mountain with wooden balls, peek-a-boo holes and fast tracks, while a bell chimes the end of each adventure. The Roller Derby helps develop hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. It is made with a commitment to sustainability and is compliant with international safety and quality standards. Suitable for children from 12 months.
Hape do create fantastic, creative wooden toys!

3. Kids Concept Stacking Rings Edvin Pink

Kids Concept Stacking Rings Edvin Pink 
Yes, stacking rings, what baby doesn’t love this timeless classic? Your little one will develop their hand-eye coordination and perception skills whilst having fun stacking the six rings on the bendable stick. We think the colours of these stacking rings are particularly pretty!

4. Green Toys, Yellow Eco Submarine

This brilliant Green Toys Submarine take babies and young children on a nautical journey to help protect the planet! Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this sturdy watercraft features a spinning rear propeller, a flat bottom for added stability, and the classic handle and wide-mouth opening combination for plenty of scoop-and-pour fun. The cabin can be opened for easy cleaning (a bugbear for many a parent trying to keep bath toys clean!), while the whole vessel is also dishwasher safe.
Made from 100% recycled plastic. No BPA, phthalates or PVC. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Its is also packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks.

5. Kids Concept Drum

Kids Concept Drum 
Its white design and beautiful grey stars will complement any nursery or playroom. Drums are always a winner with babies and toddlers. The basic concept of making noise is unbelievably appealing, and luckily this drum is made from wood and so will be making noise for years!

6. Hape Noah’s Ark Playset

With Hape’s Noah's Ark, you’re getting a multi-faceted toy, it’s a pull along toy, a shape sorter and a play set. The animal shapes can be posted through the holes or played with on their own. The great thing about Hape, is that all of their toys are non-toxic, are child safe, and of the highest quality, so you know what you’re getting. This particular toy encourages fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

7. Sebra Red Dot Design Winner - Warm Grey Baby Gym


Sebra Baby Gym

The Sebra baby gym is incredibly stylish in its design and will look perfect in any modern home.
There are 8 different toys included for your baby to explore - a rotating mirror, two birds with little bells, a cloud, helping your baby to focus and practice reaching, grabbing and learning the all important pincer grasp. The gym was winner of the "red dot design award", 2016.

As more and more consumers become aware of the wider impact of their purchasing decisions, it’s great to see some brilliant options on the market to keep our little ones entertained. Choosing ethically made, eco-friendly toys doesn’t mean dull, uninspiring or lesser quality toys. On the contrary, non-toxic toys, made to last, are far more fascinating for young minds. Surely it’s never too early to start raising awareness of sustainable living amongst the next generation?